Funding Requests

The Developmental Education Workgroup has developed a new and improved online process for submitting funding requests, given the reality of our online/hybrid environment and needs that have emerged due to the pandemic. Proposals should focus on innovative strategies and activities that will equitably increase student success. Proposals should provide rationale for how the project meets the needs of students for basic skills development, college success skills, or other non-academic student support services, particularly in the current online/hybrid environment. Proposals should address how the project meets Diablo Valley College’s Education Master Plan, Student Equity Plan, and the charge and function of the Developmental Education Workgroup. Prioritization of funding will be based on how well the project or activity meets the plans and goals of the Student Equity Plan and college. 

Projects requesting funding for Spring 2021 will be considered in Fall 2020. Projects seeking funding for academic year 2021/22 should apply in Spring 2021. Approved projects will be funded using available Dev Ed funds (part of the Student Equity and Achievement Program). 

Requests received by Thursday, March 25, 2021 will be considered at the Dev Ed meeting on April 8th. Requests received by April 29th will be considered at the Dev Ed meeting on May 6th.

Developmental Education Project Funding Request Form

Sample Budget