DVC Transfer Services FAQ

How can Transfer Services help me online?

Learn all about transfer by utilizing all of the resources on our website and on our Canvas Resource Page, and check out our Workshops and Events page to learn more about featured transfer topics such as Transfer Planning and Guarantees (TAG), Applying to UC and CSU, Applying to universities on CommonApp, and more!

We encourage all students to connect with university representatives virtually, to find and connect with us on social media, and to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to not miss important transfer opportunities and updates from transfer universities. To ask us a general question, visit the DVC Transfer Services home page to contact us through the email inquiry form or through our live chat feature and drop-in counseling during open hours.

How can Transfer Services help me to transfer to a university?

We help you navigate all resources to browse 4-year universities and find colleges that work for you, like Assist.org, to help you reach your transfer goals after DVC. We can help you with your applications to UC, CSU, Private and Out of State universities and colleges. We also help students with TAG and TAP for UC’s. We also bring university reps here to DVC for you to ask any and all of your transfer questions about each campus.

How do I transfer into DVC from another college?

While our office helps students transferring from DVC to a university, if you are planning to transfer to DVC with credits from another community college or university, you can find information on how to do so, including how to schedule a meeting with a DVC counselor for a transcript evaluation, from DVC’s Welcome and Enrollment website.

How do I transfer my DVC credits/classes to another college/university? (How do I order a transcript, send IGETC/CSUGE certifications, and AD-T verifications to my transfer university? How can I find a former class syllabus?)

  • DVC transcripts can be ordered from Admissions and Records or from your Insite/WebAdvisor to be sent to your next college or university for review/evaluation. IGETC/CSUGE certifications and AD-T e-verifications are also filed with Admissions and Records. Follow the instructions to do so on the Admissions and Records website. If you are having trouble logging in, contact the IT Help Desk. (Reminder: You do not need to send transcripts, IGETC/CSUGE certifications, or AD-T verifications to the university until the university requests these items from you - see our UC Application Timeline and CSU Application Timeline for guidance on when these items are due.)
  • An old class syllabus can be found through the DVC Office of Instruction.

How do I make an appointment with a transfer university representative?

Students can schedule a university rep. appointment at our university rep visit schedule. While some reps are available for drop-ins, appointments are booked through the Career and Transfer Center. Please book your appointment online or drop by during our office hours.

Who can help me find and plan the courses I need to transfer to a university?

For currently enrolled DVC students, you can schedule an appointment with a DVC counselor via the DVC Counseling Office to map out your DVC transfer educational plan. (For current high school students about to graduate, you are encouraged to enroll in a Counseling 095 course for educational planning assistance with a counselor.) If you have a quick question about transfer requirements, you can ask our drop-in counselors during our open hours.

What do I need to do to transfer to a UC/CSU?

To get started on preparing for transfer, take a look at the basic requirements for transferring to a California public university.

Who can help me plan to TAG to a UC campus?

Meet with a DVC counselor ASAP to review the TAG requirements for your specific UC campus and major.

How do I apply to a UC?

First, start and complete your TAP today. You can apply for the Transfer Admission Guarantee from your UC TAP between September 1-30. You can also use your TAP for the UC application, opening on August 1. Just be sure to submit your UC Application between November 1-30.

How do I apply to a CSU?

During your application period, apply at CalStateApply. And for any technical questions, use “Cal State Apply Online Application Instructions for Transfer Admission

Where can I find the requirements for out of state and private universities?

For other out of state and private universities, your best resource is the university’s website, as most colleges have an admissions page with their requirements for transfer listed and a phone number for their admissions department. We also have information on certain private and out of state college’s articulation agreements and on our private and out of state universities page. If you’d like help researching, drop in during our open hours!

When do I apply for transfer?

The application dates for applying can be found here.

When can I receive assistance with my university transfer applications?

We will be hosting a series of application labs and workshops throughout the fall term at different dates and times. We encourage you to utilize these open lab and workshop events for help, or drop in during our office hours for one-on-one assistance.

What should I do after I apply?

After you apply, make sure to follow up on additional required steps - visit our Canvas Resource page for a complete checklist:

  • For UC applicants, check your emails! Also check UC’s timeline of things to do after you’ve applied, including the January update.
  • For CSU applicants, check your emails too! CSU campuses will be emailing you now and throughout the spring to request information or with important instructions for your next steps.

Where can I find information about Nursing Application Timelines, UC and CSU Checklists for Transfer Applicants, and other helpful resources about transferring?

Check our Canvas page for a list of detailed transfer guides and helpful videos about transferring into BSN nursing program. 

What is Transfer Day?

Transfer Day is an annual event hosted in October. 60-80 different private and public university reps will be here to answer your questions and give advice about their schools and the transfer process. Check out our Events and Workshops page for details!

What is an Associate Degree for Transfer?

Students with an AA-T or AS-T (also known as an ADT) receive admission priority and are guaranteed admission with junior status to the CSU system. Students who intend to transfer are advised to refer to the catalog of the prospective transfer institution and consult a counselor. This degree may not be the best option for students planning to transfer to certain impacted CSU campuses or majors, if they are applying outside of the CSU system, or if they are not planning to transfer. Students with an ADT also have guaranteed admission to private universities with the AICCU as well as to partner Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

I don’t see specific course guides for my private or out-of-state transfer university and major. How can I plan to transfer to universities without a transfer articulation guide?

If an articulated list of courses for your transfer major and/or transfer school is not available, take a proactive approach to learning about and planning your required coursework for transfer. Use this helpful articulation how-to guide for help.

I need a class to finish my DVC degree/transfer requirements, but can't find/take one at DVC. How can I find similar classes at another community college?

Check with a DVC counselor and research CVC Exchange to find similar classes at another community college.