DSS Student Handbook


Since its inception in 1974, DVC's Disability Support Services (DSS) has grown to serve over 1,500 students with disabilities each year. The purpose of this handbook is to help you learn more about the programs we offer, the services available to you and how to obtain and use those programs and services. In addition, this handbook is intended as a resource to inform you about the policies for using DSS and to increase your knowledge of other resources available to you at Diablo Valley College.

DSS provides instruction and services to students with disabilities that are designed to increase access to college instructional programs. Students with acquired brain injuries, delayed learning, learning disabilities, hearing impairments, visual impairments, psychological disabilities, mobility disabilities, and chronic health conditions may qualify for services. Services include specialized instruction, adaptive equipment, job placement, mobility assistance, interpreting, note taking, textbooks in alternate format, testing accommodations, educational counseling and planning, priority registration.

DSS Mission

DSS embraces and expands upon the general mission of Diablo Valley College by responding to the needs of individuals with disabilities in the community. This is achieved by offering programs and services which:

  • Increase independence.
  • Integrate students with disabilities into the general college program.
  • Facilitate general education, transfer or vocational preparation.
  • Help students identify, clarify, develop and achieve their academic and/or vocational goals and successfully transition to the community.

CONTACT DSS AT 925-969-2174 TO REQUEST A COPY OF THIS HANDBOOK in Alternate format.

This handbook is published for information purposes and every effort is made to ensure its accuracy. However, the provisions of this handbook are not to be regarded as a contract between the student and the college.