Graduating High School Seniors Class of 2022

PLEASE NOTE: The March 25th deadline has passed for current high school seniors to complete the DSS application and participate in the DSS Registration Workshop.  This does not mean that you are ineligible to join DSS and receive an accommodation plan prior to the start of the Fall semester.
Please take the following steps to register for Fall courses and receive an Academic Accommodation Plan prior to the start of the Fall semester:

  1. Register to take Couns 095 to receive Fall course academic advising.  You can follow this guide on How to Register for Couns 095 or complete the Welcome Services  Virtual Lab request form for assistance. 
  2. Register for Fall courses 
  3. Contact our DSS office this summer after you register for Fall courses and have graduated from high school.  You will be provided with the DSS Counseling drop in times so you can meet with a DSS Counselor and create your Academic Accommodation Plan.  After signing your Academic Accommodation Plan over the summer you will be added to the invite list for the DSS Orientation Day being held in August. 

Disability Support Services conducts outreach to graduating high school seniors with IEPs and 504 plans. This process assists students in effectively utilizing DSS priority registration and receiving their accommodation plan prior to beginning their first semester of coursework.  An Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) lists the services available to each student, such as extended testing time and note taking assistance. It is created for each individual and signed by both the student and the DSS Counselor.  The AAP must be signed and retuned to DSS in order for students to receive priority registration for Fall 2022. If any of these deadlines are missed, students must follow the process as outlined in the steps to enroll. Once the student is registered for classes, they may email for next steps.  

Please note: ALL communications from DSS will be sent to students' Insite email. 
Students can access DVC email through the Email tile on Insite.  Please see below How To guides on logging into Insite.

See the DSS Registration Guide 2022 to complete the registration process for incoming Fall 2022 students. This will be your guide from application to DVC through registration for Fall courses and also includes receiving your Academic Accommodation Plan.

IMPORTANT DEADLINES (No exceptions to deadlines will be made) 

If any of the deadlines are missed students must take Counseling 095 and contact DSS once registered for classes 

  • March 25th – Deadline to complete DSS application (this includes uploading disability documentation) 
  • Week of March 28th – Academic Accommodation Plans sent to students for signature (sent to DVC Insite email) 
  • April 15th – Deadline for signed Academic Accommodation Plan to be sent back to DSS 
  • April 26th – Registration workshop zoom links will be sent to students who have completed ALL of the below steps

See the DSS Registration Guide 2022 to complete the registration process for incoming Fall 2022 students.

Students following the DSS process above don't need to take Counseling 095.

Student Information Sessions

DSS Counselors will be conducting student information sessions at local high schools beginning in Feb, 2022. The information presented is in this Student Presentation.  If you are outside our local area or miss the session at your high school contact

Information for Parents

Our 2022 Parent Information Night sessions have concluded.  You can view the information from Parent Nights on the Parent Information Night Presentation

Need Assistance with the Step by Step Process?

Students can receive assistance with the step by step process (application, orientation or assessment) by contacting the DSS High Tech Center at using the subject line: “Incoming 2022 Freshman” and high tech center staff person will respond to you with a zoom link that you can log on to for real time assistance

How To Guides

Additional Questions?

Students can contact with other questions. This email box is checked on Fridays.

Counseling appointments are not available for high school students.


Students following this DSS registration process do not need to take Counseling 095, though if you miss any of the above deadlines you must follow these general student registration process. You can find information on this here: steps to enroll,. The general student process includes taking Counseling 095 in order to receive academic advising on first semester courses. Once you are registered for Fall classes send an email to for next steps to receive your Academic Accommodation Plan.

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