Priority Registration Guidelines for DSS

It is often important for students with disabilities to enroll in specific sections of a course to accommodate their disability. They may need to arrange for interpreter services, participate in DSS curriculum, or coordinate other accommodations. In addition, the actual process of registration can be especially difficult and stressful for many students with disabilities. As a result, DSS offers priority registration to qualified students.

How to use registration

Priority registration usually occurs during the 2 or 3 days before the "early" registration dates listed in the course schedule. If DVC has your email address, you should receive a registration email to informing you of your registration Drop-ins.

DSS counselors will be available for drop-in advising during the priority registration period. It is always advisable to schedule an appointment to discuss your next term's schedule as early in the term as possible since appointment times are especially hard to arrange once registration has begun.

If you are unable to use the telephone due to a verified disability, you may make advance arrangements with the DSS program assistant for help. You must be present at the DSS office at the time of registration. Or, you may choose to get help from a friend or family member to register from home.

Priority registration policy

Priority registration will be provided for students who have:

  1. a verified disability,
  2. maintained good academic status with the college,
  3. completed an intake interview with a DSS counselor

Deadlines for Priority Registration

Students who wish to receive priority registration must have completed intake for DSS by four days prior to the first day of priority registration. Completion includes submission of all documentation and meeting with a counselor for accommodations. Students who do not meet this deadline are still eligible for other  accommodations but will not be receive priority registration until the following term.

Note: High school students taking DVC courses are considered to be concurrently enrolled and thus do not qualify for priority registration.

This registration will follow basic guidelines established by the Admissions and Records Office (e.g., deadlines, application guidelines, use of telephone registration, tuition and fee payments, Board of Governor's Waiver (BOGW), and/or authorizations from the Department of Rehabilitation).