Alternate Media Services:

Alternate media contract

Alternate media is defined as instructional materials, textbooks, college publications, and/or library materials in formats accessible and usable by individuals with disabilities, such as braille or digital/audio formatted books.

Counseling Services:

DSS Counselors offer students with disabilities specialized counseling and guidance in accommodations, decision-making and educational planning. Counseling is available by appointment or by drop-in.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing:

Interpreter and captioning services will be provided for students with documented profound hearing and/or speech impairments but only for course required activities. The DSS office will contact and assign interpreters or captioners.

Furniture Loans:

Educational access sometimes means that students need equipment or furniture such as tape recorders, listening devices or accessible tables or chairs to benefit from instruction. DSS makes these accommodations available for loan during class time.

High Tech Center:

HTC offers adaptive computer hardware and software technologies to make DVC computer labs accessible to students with disabilities. The available technology includes voice recognition technology, voice synthesizers, screen reading software, Braille printer, reading machines, optical scanner, and electronic keyguards.

Mobility Assistance:

Mobility contract

Shuttles are available to transport students on campus.. Students who may be eligible for this service are those with temporary and permanent orthopedic disabilities that affect their mobility and movement .
Accessible Campus map

Notetaking Services:

A DSS Counselor or Leaning Specialist will authorize notetaking services for students who have a verified disability that prevents them from taking notes during class.

Testing Accommodations:

Many students with disabilities receive extra time to complete tests in a distraction-reduced setting.      

Priority Registration:

Many students with disabilities receive priority registration, which allows them to select classes before most others on campus.

Priority registration guidelines

District policy on service animals