Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Grant

Have you been laid off from a job? We’re here to help!  

DVC offers programs to help you get retrained and back to work. And if you lost your job (furloughed) or had your hours reduced, you may qualify for assistance through the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA). 

Find career and training resources just for you. Follow these steps to see if you qualify: 

Step 1: Determine eligibility

Find out if you qualify for the program(s)! Contact one of the local workforce development offices (also known as American Job Centers) at to set up a WIOA eligibility appointment.  

Step 2: Review the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL)

See if DVC has a program on the list that meets your needs. Visit CalJOBS  and click on “Access California's ETPL and Apprenticeship Providers”. 

Step 3: Academic advising

Identify yourself as a WIOA or TAA participant and obtain a course education plan with a DVC education counselor. Forward the education plan to the DVC WIOA program coordinator, Robin Heinemann.

(Note: The DVC program coordinator will work collaboratively with the participants’ case manager to finalize the ITA paperwork; upon approval, you can register for classes).

Step 4. Register for Classes

You can search for classes online. Once you've found the classes you want to take, you can go directly to InSite to register.

Step 5. Pick up your books

Contact Rhodora Herrera to pick up your books at the Pleasant Hill Campus Bookstore.

About WIOA

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act helps Americans, including youth, laid off and/or furloughed workers, homeless, and those with significant barriers to employment, into high skill quality jobs and careers and to help employers hire and retain skilled workers.

If you’ve been out of work and think that changing careers or building job skills could increase your learning potential, the WIOA may be able to help you pay for tuition, books, tools, school supplies, uniforms, and more.


For questions please contact the DVC WIOA program coordinator, Robin Heinemann.