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Explore Diablo Valley College's affordable career education programs.

Career Education (formerly known as Career Technical Education, or CTE) is a term for educational programs that specialize in skilled trades, applied arts and sciences, and modern technologies. CE programs are designed to advance job skills and marketability.

Not all jobs require a bachelor’s degree or even an associate degree. Our Career Education faculty have industry experience and connections with regional employers, so they are able to design curriculum specifically to what employers are expecting. Our programs also provide students with internships, work-based learning, and industry certification opportunities. CE offers a wide range of learning experiences spanning many different career tracks, fields, and industries.  Career Education Advisors & Academic Counselors are available to assist with:

  • General questions
  • Program exploration
  • Educational planning
  • Career research and preparation

To connect with an career advisor or academic counselor email Catherine Franco - Director of Workforce and Career Education Programs at


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 Work Experience Education

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Are you a student looking to receive credit for a job or internship you already have? Enroll in a Work Experience course.

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As this dynamic and volatile labor market changes before our very eyes, those of us who are job seekers, students, parents, educators, or members of the general adult population are more empowered when we have a perspective of who we are and where we want to fit in this rapidly changing economy. can prove to be a great assist in this effort! Explore more than 3,000 career references which include descriptions, related careers, and specialty occupations. Our databases cover careers from the certificate level through those requiring a postgraduate degree. "EUREKA is a Goldmine of Career Information". (Please use code OS2PERV to create your free account.)

Career Coach

Career Coach is a district-run website that allows you to find a good career by providing the most current local data on wages, employment, job postings, and associated education and training. Career Coach also shows detailed information about the various occupations available.

DVC's Online Job Board

DVC Career Services used College Central Network (CCN) for all online job, internship and volunteer opportunities. Check out this interactive tool that connects local employers with prospective job candidates. Job's posted to DVC's job board are from local employers who are looking to hire DVC students, meaning that they understand that you are a student and may not be looking for full-time employment, and students are usually still in pursuit of their educational goals.