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DVC PACE - program course sequence

The PACE (Program for Adult College Education) program is designed for working adults interested in completing an Associate of Arts Degree (with or without a transfer goal). A two-year program, PACE students complete a fixed sequence of courses over four terms including summer and then complete varied courses, depending upon their goal, in subsequent terms.

PACE classes are scheduled in a variety of ways. The majority of courses in the program are offered either 100 percent online or in a hybrid format (part of the course is online but will also include some face to face meetings. The scheduling of the face to face meeting component depends upon the class and can be either just a few times over the course of the semester, one evening per week, or selected Saturdays each month.

Most PACE classes have transferable units and allow students to select into a range of possible AA (Associate of Arts) and ADT (Associate Degrees for Transfer) degrees. PACE is designed to support transfer to the California State Universities, University of California campuses and private colleges.

NOTE: The Pre-PACE courses will meet two nights per week.

Pre-PACE term course sequence

Please Note: The Pre-PACE classes – English 117 and Math 85 - meet twice a week in the evenings.

Courses  Units
ENGL 117 Integrated College Reading and Writing (degree applicable not transferable) 5
COUNS 120 Student Success 3
MATH 85 Accelerated Algebra I* 5
Total units (*NOT transferable: 5 units) 13

First term course sequence

 Courses Units 
PSYCH 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
MATH 119*  Accelerated Algebra II 5
ENGL 122 Freshman English: Composition and Reading 3
COUNS 120 Student Success (if not taken in Pre-PACE term) 3
Total units (*NOT transferable: 5 units)

Summer term course sequence

Courses Units
MUSIC 110 Music Appreciation 3
COMM 120 Public Speaking 3
CARER 130 Career and Major Exploration 1
Total units (all transferable) 7

Second term course sequence

Courses  Units
ENGL 126 Critical Thinking: The Shaping of Meaning in Language 3
MATH 142 Elementary Statistics 4
HIST 120 History of the United States before 1865 3
ANTH 140 Biological Anthropology 3
Total units (all transferable) 13

Third term course sequence

GEOG 120 Physical Geography 3
GEOG 121 Physical Geography Laboratory 1
HIST 121 History of the United States after 1865 3
SOC 120 Introduction to Sociology 3
Major preparation/GE course based on degree path 3-6
Total units (all transferable) 13-16

Fourth term course sequence

Major Preparation/GE Courses based on Degree Path 13-16
Total units (all transferable) 13-16
Total transferable units for degree (GE/Major/Electives) 60
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