2022 Career Academies Information

Registration for DVC’s Summer 2022 Career Academies opens in Spring.  For updates, please complete the Academy Interest Card.

Robotics Career Academy


DVC is offering our first Robotics Academy in partnership with Tesla!

In collaboration with Bay Area LEEDS, this academy introduces the science and technology involved in robotic systems. Beyond basic
science, topics include input and output devices and programmable controllers and programming coding. Working independently or in teams, students will design and build circuits and kinematic structures that sense and interact with their environment. Using simple programming languages, students will work with a variety of microprocessors, including Arduino, Parallax, VEX, Lego, and others. This course prepares students for more advanced studies in robotics and related technologies, such as those used in building controls systems and industrial applications.

Career Academy Information

Date: TBA
Hours: TBA


DVC Pleasant Hill Campus

Cost: High school students pay ONLY $2.00 for the two unit class.
College Credit:


Earn 2 units of college credit.

CSU transferable

How to apply:

What can you do now?

Starting in April:

  • Complete Career Academy Application
  • You will not enroll for this course through InSite and must receive permission from our office to enroll.
  • Hold on to your signed Special Admissions Recommendation Form until you receive an email stating you have been accepted into the Career Academy
  • Beginning of May, students will receive an email if they have been accepted or waitlisted
  • Once accepted, you must respond confirming your spot and complete the online permission forms by a certain date that will be in your email
  • You will receive a date in June to submit your Special Admissions Recommendation Form to either the Pleasant Hill or San Ramon Campus Admissions & Records Office. You can also pay your fee of $1/unit at this time.
  • Campus Hours: PHC - Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm and Tuesday 8:00am-7:00pm; SRC - Monday-Thursday 9:00am-6:30pm *Closed Fridays

For more detailed instructions: Steps to Apply to Career Academies

Who can apply: This course is appropriate for students entering grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 for Fall 2022
  • This academy will be 100% in person.
  • DVC does not provide meals; please make sure to pack your own lunch and snacks.
  • Because this class gives college credit, students must attend everyday for the whole time or they may receive a non-passing grade for the class on their college transcript.
Capacity:  Limited to 20 students.
Campus map: DVC map

For more information:

Please contact us at dvccareeracademies@dvc.edu