Counseling Services

DSS Counselors offer students with disabilities specialized counseling and guidance to assist with coordinating accommodations, decision-making and educational planning. Counseling is available by appointment or by drop-in.

How to Schedule a Counseling Appointment

  1. Call the Counseling Center appointment desk (after 2:00 P.M.) at 925-969-2140 or go directly to the Counseling Center.
  2. Appointments are only 30 minutes so please be on time. If you must cancel, please call as soon as possible so that time slot can be made available for another student. If you do cancel, be aware that it may take awhile before you can reschedule.
  3. Quick questions can often be taken care of in a 5 minute drop-in session. Drop-in counseling is available daily. Inquire at the Counseling Center front desk for DSS Drop-In times.

Phone appointments

 DSS offers phone appoints to students who are not reasonably able to come to campus. This includes people who:

  1. Have a disability that limits their ability to travel
  2. Live outside the nine-county Bay Area and will not be returning to the Bay Area prior to the start of the term

DSS will consider other requests but expects those who are able to come to campus to meet with counselors in person.
Also, be aware that some services are not practical through phone appointments. This includes education planning. 

Available Services

Disability Management

DSS Counselors coordinate necessary support services, recommend accommodations and serve as a resource to help students obtain appropriate services beyond those provided at DVC.

Academic Advising

DSS Counselors are available to assist students with individual academic advising and educational planning.

Personal Counseling

Counseling for personal situations, impacting students' ability to succeed in college, is available through DSS. If in-depth counseling appears to be indicated, the staff are able to refer the student to outside agencies or counselors.

Career Counseling

Counseling related to career choice and decision-making is available to students. A specific section of Career Counseling (Carer 110) is targeted to students with disabilities and is offered almost every term.