High Tech Center (HTC)

The High Tech Center (HTC) located in SSC-250 offers adaptive computer hardware and software technologies to make DVC computer labs accessible to students with disabilities. The available technology includes voice recognition technology, voice synthesizers, screen reading software, Braille printer, reading machines, optical scanner, and electronic keyguards. Instruction is offered in the use of word processing, email setup and usage, WEBCT, InSite, spelling, and grammar checking to help accommodate the effects of specific types of disabilities.

Technology available in HTC

  • AlphaSmart is a notetaker laptop computer.
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) enlarges print.
  • Dragon Dictate Naturally Speaking is a speech recognition program.
  • Inspiration is an application that allows you to word map your ideas and then converts word maps into an outline.
  • Kurzweil 3000 and Kurzweil 1000 are a screen reading program for reading textbooks and other printed materials.
  • Scanner and Braille printer
  • ZoomText is an application that will magnify text and is a screen reader.
  • JAWS for Windows is a computer access software

Special courses

Course provides individualized and small group instruction in computer access strategies for learning disabled, physically disabled, visually impaired and other disabled students. Students may learn word processing aided by speech synthesizers, screen enlargers, speech recognition programs and adaptive keyboarding strategies.

How to enroll in HTC courses

Arrange an appointment with a DSS counselor who will assist in determining the most appropriate course placement.

If the term is already in progress, obtain an add card to be signed by the HTC instructor. Then take your add card and fees to the Admissions and Records Office for processing.

Special class repeatability

Specialized courses designed for students with disabilities may be taken more than four times under the following circumstances:

  1. When continuing success of the student in other general and/or special classes is dependent on additional repetitions of a specific class;
  2. When additional repetitions of a specific special class are essential to completing a student's preparation for enrollment into other regular or special classes; or
  3. When the student has a student educational contract which involves a goal other than completion of the special class in question and repetition will further the achievement of the goal.

Special course attendance guidelines

Attendance policies, established by each instructor, are included on course syllabi, and follow general college guidelines.

High Tech Center policies

  1. To receive High Tech Center services, arrange a counseling appointment with a DSS counselor by calling 925-969-2140
  2. High Tech Center services are available to qualified students.
  3. Students must demonstrate the potential to benefit from HTC services.
  4. Students may be required to participate in a formal evaluation to demonstrate their potential to benefit from HTC services.
  5. Referrals to the HTC must be made by a DSS counselor on behalf of the student. Outside agencies may refer individuals directly to the HTC only for evaluation services.