DSS Testing Accommodations

Policies and Procedures

  1. Schedule an appointment with a DSS Counselor to receive authorization for testing accommodation services. Procedures for testing accommodations will be explained.
  2. Visit the DSS Testing Accommodations office on the second floor of the Student Services Building, room SSC-248 to sign a service contract. At the San Ramon Campus, please email Irene Swain (iSwain@dvc.edu) with any questions regarding DSS test proctoring. For general information please contact us at 925-969-2185.
  3. One week before a test, go to the DSS Testing Accommodations office SSC-248 to schedule an exam appointment and pick up an Exam Proctoring form for each exam in which you will need testing accommodations, or complete the request form online after you have received training from DSS staff. Please notify staff of all your testing accommodations needed for the exam at this time. At the San Ramon Campus, please email Irene Swain (iSwain@dvc.edu) with any questions regarding DSS test proctoring.
  4. Take the form to your instructor to let her/him know that you are eligible for testing accommodation services. Ask your teacher to please (1) complete the form, (2) return the form to the DSS Testing Accommodations office in SSC-248 with a copy of the exam.

DSS testing accommodations

Additional Information

  1. Testing accommodations will be provided after a student's eligibility has been verified by a DSS Counselor.
  2. Upon verification, the student will be referred to the Testing Accommodations Coordinator. The testing accommodations staff will provide the student with step-by-step instructions necessary to utilize this service.
  3. DSS students will schedule their exams to be taken at the same time as the class. The only exception is when the student has courses immediately before and/or after the class and would not have enough time to complete the test with accommodations. In this case, testing staff can assist the student to take the exam at the earliest possible time, preferably before the scheduled class time.
  4. Instructors will be notified if cheating, unauthorized use of notes, books, calculators, electronics or other improper behavior is observed during an examination.
  5. Failure to comply with these procedures can result in termination of this service.
  6. Students with disabilities that affect manual dexterity, vision, or perception generally may be allowed extra time to complete tests.