Notetaking Services


A DSS Counselor or Leaning Specialist will authorize notetaking services for students who have a verified disability that prevents them from taking notes during class. Attendance during class is required to receive any notes provided by a DSS Notetaker.

Receiving notetaking accommodations ONLINE:

Once you have met with a DSS counselor and have completed your application for services form, please contact the NoteTaking coordinator directly- Jonathan Cattarin: to get set up with your NoteTaking Services accommodation. 

Notetaking Services

Our goal is to provide tools for students to develop their own note taking habits and abilities or to provide students with notes as a means to study lecture material after class. Tools include:

  • Tutorials/ Training on best note taking practices
  • Audio recording devices,
  • Smart Pen and notebook,
  • Electronic note taking device (ALPHA SMART)
  • Student Note Taker.

Please contact Jonathan Cattarin at with questions.

Notes request procedure:

  1. Visit with Notetaking Services coordinator to determine assistance needed for notes.
  2. Complete Notetaking Services contract for each term close to the start of classes, identifying the course(s) for which notetaking is requested. You will be requested to choose one of the following options:
  • Student is encouraged to find someone in the class to be a notetaker or to take a letter to the instructor of the class so an anonymous announcement can be made; or student may mail announcement to the instructor via campus mail in order to remain anonymous.
  • DSS will compare all prospective notetakers' schedules for possible matches.
  1. If a volunteer notetaker is matched, DSS will connect the notetaker and student so they can directly provide notes for the entirety of the semester.

Important: Notes are not a guaranteed service since it relies on volunteers.
Note Taking Requests often take 2 weeks or more to be matched up with a note taker.

Student Notetakers:

Students interested in being notetakers should contact the note taking coordinator within the first two weeks of each term and within one week of summer session. If you are contacted by phone or email, you should respond as quickly as possible. Any lapse in communication and notes may make you ineligible for compensation.


Notetakers compensation can be either early registration for the next term or a certificate of volunteerism showing twenty hours of service. Some instructors offer extra points towards an assignment or the final grade for students who volunteer on campus as well.

 NOTE: Notetakers must follow through with their commitment to receive compensation of any kind.

Notetaking training and development

  • Training: “Study and Note Taking Skills,” presented by Bill Oye, Dean of Student Life
  • Software: NoteTaking Services can offer application recommendations based on your learning style.
  • Hardware: A variety of hardware options are available.

All equipment is checked out by the DSS department

AlphaSmart Keyboards

The AlphaSmart is a brand of portable, battery powered, word-processing keyboard
manufactured by NEO Direct, Inc. AlphaSmart are unable to connect to the internet
making them a great solution for classes that prohibit the use of a computer.

Alpha Smart Keyboards

Audio recording device

Audio recording device is a low-tech solution for auditory learners. Our recording devices are
small, easy to use and battery powered.
Audio Recording device

Echo smart pen

This device can record everything you hear, say and write, and links your audio recordings to
your notes. Packed with useful features, the Echo Smart pen helps you quickly and efficiently
access the formation you need.      Smart pen tutorial

Echo Smart pen