College Costs and Money Management

Learning how to manage your money is one of the most helpful things you can do improve your quality of life and prepare for a successful future. If you are receiving financial aid or have a part time job to help pay for college, it is especially important to take control of your finances to make sure you have enough to cover tuition, fees, books, and supplies.

CashCourse: Your Real Life Money Guide

Diablo Valley College has partnered with CashCourse to provide students with free financial resources and counseling.

With CashCourse you can:

  • create a budget,
  • plan for retirement,
  • create a plan to pay off debt,
  • build your savings,
  • learn about investment options,
  • set financial goals,
  • learn about student loan repayment plans,
  • and much more!

CashCourse sample budgets:

  • Monthly budget
  • Study abroad budget
  • Budgeting for life after college
  • Savings goal

Create a free account and learn more about CashCourse.

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is for students to estimate the cost of college, including, tuition, required fees, books, supplies, room and board, and other school related expenses. It will not estimate your possible financial aid.

Calculate your expenses with the Net Price Calculator.

All financial aid students are required to check their DVC student email account through InSite on a regular basis in order to receive notifications, file status updates, announcements, and further instructions from the Financial Aid Office. Follow the link for instructions on how to check your financial aid status through InSite.

Financial Aid school codes:

  • DVC FAFSA Federal School Code: 001191
  • DVC CA DREAM Act Application School Code: 00119100

Contact Financial Aid


Telephone: 925-969-2009


Fax: 925-691-1132 

Office location: SSC building, first floor Pleasant Hill campus map

Office location

Admissions and Records, San Ramon campus map