MESA Eligibility

To be eligible for MESA, a student must:

  • be a US Citizen/Permanent resident/ AB 540;
  • be on Financial Aid and a first generation college student;
  • be a declared STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) major or be willing to declare; STEM major by the end of the term;
  • have completed intermediate algebra;
  • have taken (or be working towards) at least 2 consecutive courses of calculus.

If you are not a financial aid/first generation student and qualify for the rest of the MESA requirements, you are invited  to join the “Friends of MESA” cohort.

Who is eligible for Friends of MESA?

Eligibility for Friends of MESA is the same as for MESA, with the following exceptions:

  • do NOT need to be on financial aid;
  • do NOT need to be first generation college students.

Eligibility conditions

Requirements MESA FOM
1st generation student    
Financial aid student    
Completion of Intermediate Algebra    
U.S resident (AB540 or permanent resident)    
Taking or working towards two consecutive courses of calculus    
Declared STEM major (excluding Nursing, Psychology, Kinesiology or ETEC/PTEC)